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What is a VOPE?

VOPE = Voluntary Organization for Professional Evaluation.  An alternative name is Voluntary Organization Promoting Evaluation.  These include formal associations or societies, or informal networks or communities of practice, inclusive of persons who conduct evaluations, clients who ask for evaluation, academics who study evaluation, and people in government responsible for evaluation. VOPEs can be at the sub-national (city/province/state), national, regional or international levels.VOPEs are established by evaluation practitioners, that is, people who make their living by doing or commissioning evaluations, who self-organize to discuss and share professional experiences and challenges and to jointly advance the profession and develop professional standards. VOPE events (e.g. conferences, workshops and seminars) and publications provide a platform for professional exchange. This exchange advances the professional capacity of more experienced evaluators and the learning of those who are new to the profession.

Initially, VOPEs contribute to the development of national evaluation capacities by building capacities of individual evaluators (the supply side). More and more VOPEs are advocating for enhanced national and organizational evaluation policies and systems, and the use of evaluations (the demand side). In these and other ways VOPEs contribute not only to the benefits of VOPE members but to the benefits of the society at large as well.

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