Farhod Khamidov



Member profile details

Membership level
Contributing VOPE Membership
Acronym of VOPE
Primary Contact's Full Name
Farhod Khamidov
Email Address
1. Full name of VOPE
The Eurasian Alliance of National Evaluation Associations
2. Acronym of VOPE
3. Primary contact's name
Farhod Khamidov
4. Primary contact's email
5. 2nd contact's name
Anna Harutyunyan
6. 2nd contact's email
7. 3rd contact's name
Saule Hamzina
8. 3rd contact's email

Organizational Identification

10. Website
12. Year organization (VOPE) founded
13. Current status
1. Informal network
14. VOPE legally recognized by government?
1. No
15. Geographic scope
Regional (multi-national)
16. If Regional VOPE, name of region


20. Number of dues-paying official membership
22. Total current number of members
24. How does one become a member of your VOPE?
will answer after board meeting


32. Name of president/chairperson
Farhod Khamidov
33. Members in active leadership positions
34. How active would judge your VOPE's leadership to be?
5. Very active - creatively organizing frequent events to serve our members
35. Paid secretariat staff
36. Means of communication
  • 1. email listserv
  • 2. social media
  • 4. website
  • 5. publications
39. VOPE Institutional Capacity Toolkit
3. Yes, extensively

VOPE Activities and Affiliations

40. Purpose and mission
To support professionalization of evaluation in the countries of the Eurasian region through development of national evaluation associations.
41. Recent Activities
Launched on June 1, 2015
Developed website prior to that www.evaleurasia.org
Conducted a regional school for VOPE leaders and a strategic planning meeting in March 2016 (P2P Evalpartnres Grant)
Conducted a regional project on developing collaboration between VOPEs and universities in the region. Had a working meeting in Yerevan, Armenia on May 24-25, 2017
43. Standards / guidelines
1. No
44. Methods for strenghening skills of members
  • 1. organizing workshops led by local experts
  • 2. organizing webinars with international speakers
  • 3. designing and developing e-learning programs

VOPE Affiliations

45. VOPE membership in regional or international network
47. P2P or Innovation Challenge?
1. No

Evaluation Advocacy

50. Has your VOPE influenced government policies & systems?
No, it is not within the scope of our VOPE to address governmental policies
52. Has your VOPE partnered with Parliamentarians?
  • No (at least not yet).
53. Have you used the EvalPartners Advocacy Toolkit?
  • Yes, a lot

EvalPartners Networks

Saule Khamzina - saule-janiya@yandex.ru
Tatyana Tretyakova - ttatiana2000@mail.ru