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Lars Soeftestad
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1. Full name of VOPE
Bulgarian Monitoring and Evaluation Network
2. Acronym of VOPE
3. Primary contact's name
Lars Soeftestad
4. Primary contact's email

Organizational Identification

10. Website
11. Address of organization (VOPE)
Popov & Partners, Law Office
1000 Sofia, 4 Sveta Nedelya square, fl.4
12. Year organization (VOPE) founded
13. Current status
2. Formal association/society (charter and bylaws adopted)
14. VOPE legally recognized by government?
3. Yes
15. Geographic scope
17. Country


20. Number of dues-paying official membership
22. Total current number of members
23. Total on mailing list
24. What is the criteria for an individual or entity to join your VOPE?
Anyone interested can become member. Those interested have to date, sign and submit a form where they declare to follow the Statutes.
26. Number of VOPE members working in Governmental agencies
27. Number of VOPE members working in NGOs/CSOs
28. Number of VOPE members working in Academia
29, Number of VOPE members working in Private Sector
30. Number of VOPE membership that are women
31. Number of new evaluators


32. Name of president/chairperson
Lars Soeftestad
33. Members in active leadership positions
34. How active would judge your VOPE's leadership to be?
5. Very active - creatively organizing frequent events to serve our members
35. Paid secretariat staff
36. Means of communication
  • 1. email listserv
  • 2. social media
  • 4. website
  • 6. annual report
38. When was the last annual report sent to members?
01 Jun 2017
39. VOPE Institutional Capacity Toolkit
1. No (at least not yet)

VOPE Activities and Affiliations

40. Purpose and mission
The Statutes, article 5 states:

"The Association is established to support the development of active civil position and empowerment of civil society for monitoring and evaluation of the economic, fiscal and social policy from the perspective of their effects on achieving faster growth and more competitive economy. In this context, the Association will work for:

1. creation, implementation and development of the network potential among other national evaluation networks in the countries neighboring Bulgaria and at international level;
2. development and expansion of the national partner network of non-profit organizations and independent media for exchange of good practices and interaction for monitoring of management processes;

3. stimulating the link between science, education and business as a factor for dynamic and sustainable growth, attracting expertise to solve the short-term and long-term problems for the society in various fields;

4. establishing forms of dialogue between civil society, business, state and local authorities for development of the social environment with a competitive environment and improving the productivity, the standards of living and the working conditions;
5. manufacture and maintenance of standardization in evaluation procedures, analysis and monitoring procedures;
6. assisting in the preparation of assignments on projects and supporting the implementation of projects in the areas funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank and other similar organizations;
7. development and implementation of evaluations and practical guidance in various areas.
41. Recent Activities
(1) The website's architecture is ready. Information is being added to various pages.
(2) Our Facebook page is: It has several non-Bulgarian fans/likers, including from developing countries in Africa and Asia.
(3) We have established partnerships with two international providers of online training, SocialCoops (India) and TRAASS (Australia, Switzerland). Together we will prepare online courses in BULGARIAN.
(4) A first training course is scheduled for May 2018, to be prepared and delivered jointly with the Macedonian VOPE.
(5) We will, in the near future, contact a relevant university in Bulgaria with a view to partner on delivering courses on M&E.
42. Standards / guidelines
2. Not yet (but we're working on it)
44. Methods for strenghening skills of members
  • 1. organizing workshops led by local experts

VOPE Affiliations

45. VOPE membership in regional or international network
46. Network name(s)
(1) BEN is a member of NESE.
(2) BEN is a member of IOCE.
(3) BEN has close informal relations with the Macedonia VOPE.
(4) BEN is involved in building an informal network in South-eastern Europe that will collaborate on training activities.
47. 47.Has your VOPE participated in a P2P or Innovation Challenge grant-supported project?
1. No

Evaluation Advocacy

50. Has your VOPE influenced government policies & systems?
No, but we're working on it
51. Does your government have a National Evaluation Policy?
52. Has your VOPE partnered with Parliamentarians?
  • No (at least not yet).
53. Have you used the EvalPartners Advocacy Toolkit?
  • No, at least not yet.
  • Yes, but in a minor way.


54. Has your VOPE made a commitment to address elements of the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020?
  • Yes

EvalPartners Networks

BEN has contacted EVALSDGs to inquire about becoming a member.
Liaison: Lars Soeftestad, Chair, BEN,

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