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Valon Grabanica
1. Full name of VOPE
Kosovo Evaluation Network (KEN)
2. Acronym of VOPE
3. Primary contact's name
Valon Grabanica
4. Primary contact's email
5. 2nd contact's name
Besnik Cecelia
6. 2nd contact's email
7. 3rd contact's name
Vedat Sagonjeva
8. 3rd contact's email

Organizational Identification

10. Website
11. Address of organization (VOPE)
Str. “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, Kompleksi M&M, 2nd floor, nr. 64, Vushtrri 42000, Republic of Kosovo
12. Year organization (VOPE) founded
Established in Pristina, August 2016
13. Current status
1. Informal network
14. VOPE legally recognized by government?
2. Not yet (but we're working on it)
15. Geographic scope
17. Country
18. Sub-National Geographic Area
North region of Kosovo, Mitrovica region
19. Sectoral/Subject focus


20. Number of dues-paying official membership
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22. Total current number of members
23. Total on mailing list
26. Number of VOPE members working in Governmental agencies
27. Number of VOPE members working in NGOs/CSOs
28. Number of VOPE members working in Academia
29, Number of VOPE members working in Private Sector
30. Number of VOPE membership that are women
31. Number of new evaluators


32. Name of president/chairperson
Valon Grabanica
33. Members in active leadership positions
34. How active would judge your VOPE's leadership to be?
5. Very active - creatively organizing frequent events to serve our members
35. Paid secretariat staff
Yes - part-time
36. Means of communication
  • 1. email listserv
  • 2. social media
  • 5. publications
  • 7. other
37. Number of newsletters
39. VOPE Institutional Capacity Toolkit
1. No (at least not yet)

VOPE Activities and Affiliations

40. Purpose and mission
The Kosovo Evaluations Network (KEN), as an informal network, was established under the umbrella of LAPSI's jurisdiction and is mostly comprised of LAPSI networking professionals. LAPSI Members serve as KEN Founding Members at the same time. Our experts possess a strong background in evaluation of strategic policy documents at both central and local level (i.e. Kosovo National Development Strategy). We possess an invaluable experience in providing economic research and analysis services to a number of Kosovo Institutions as well as think tanks.

Considering the gap that exists with regards to VOPE's in Kosovo, we at LAPSI mobilized our resoures in order to bring to life the first VOPE in Kosovo, KEN. Its utmost mission is to achieve the objectives set in the Global Agenda 2020. We strongly believe in the development of evaluation mainstreaming and promotion of professional education for evaluators, which would ultimately comply with LAPSI mission.
41. Recent Activities
KEN is a newborn VOPE. Its main activities are planned in the 'Work plan for 2016-2017: Enlargement of the network', which would be supported and closely monitored by LAPSI. LAPSI was registered in November 2011 as an NGO. The main areas of specialization for LAPSI are: Education, the local analysis for public policies in the area of Economy, Social Policies, and Local Politics and Public Policies with a particular focus in Evaluation process of policies at the local level by serving as a converging watchdog to municipalities and central level government strategies. Recent project activities include but are not limited to education projects with EU & British Council, as well as our flagship project involvement through the EU Funded Project on Support to Kosovo’s Policy and Strategic Planning, Office of Prime Minister, Strategic Planning Office. Our experts played a pivotal role in supporting the preparation, consultations, adaption and presentation of the National Development Strategy 2016-2021 for the Republic of Kosovo.
42. Standards / guidelines
2. Not yet (but we're working on it)
44. Methods for strenghening skills of members
  • 1. organizing workshops led by local experts
  • 3. designing and developing e-learning programs
  • 4. administering mentoring programs
  • 5. other

VOPE Affiliations

45. VOPE membership in regional or international network
46. Network name(s)
Assortis - provides organizations and consultants across the globe with integrated and innovative services and resources to support their projects in countries in development and in transition.
47. 47.Has your VOPE participated in a P2P or Innovation Challenge grant-supported project?
2. Yes
48. If so, what year?
49. With what partners?
Romanian Society of Evaluators - RoSE
Albanian Society of Program Evaluation - ASPE

Evaluation Advocacy

50. Has your VOPE influenced government policies & systems?
Yes, in a significant way
51. Does your government have a National Evaluation Policy?
Yes - but dispersed among ministries
52. Has your VOPE partnered with Parliamentarians?
  • Yes, actively.
53. Have you used the EvalPartners Advocacy Toolkit?
  • Yes, a lot


54. Has your VOPE made a commitment to address elements of the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020?
  • Yes

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