Laurent Delcayrou



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Regular VOPE Membership
Acronym of VOPE
Primary Contact's Full Name
Laurent Delcayrou
Email Address
1. Full name of VOPE
Fonds pour le Promotion des Etudes Préalables, Etudes Transversales et des Evaluations
2. Acronym of VOPE
3. Primary contact's name
Laurent Delcayrou
4. Primary contact's email
5. 2nd contact's name
Laurent Delcayrou
6. 2nd contact's email

Organizational Identification

10. Website
11. Address of organization (VOPE)
32, rue Le Peletier
75009 Paris
12. Year organization (VOPE) founded
13. Current status
2. Formal association/society (charter and bylaws adopted)
14. VOPE legally recognized by government?
3. Yes
15. Geographic scope
17. Country
19. Sectoral/Subject focus
evaluation, evaluative approahces, learning, quality, impact


20. Number of dues-paying official membership
21. Non dues-paying membership
22. Total current number of members
23. Total on mailing list
26. Number of VOPE members working in Governmental agencies
27. Number of VOPE members working in NGOs/CSOs
28. Number of VOPE members working in Academia
29, Number of VOPE members working in Private Sector
30. Number of VOPE membership that are women
31. Number of new evaluators


32. Name of president/chairperson
Fabienne Bathily
33. Members in active leadership positions
34. How active would judge your VOPE's leadership to be?
3. Fairly active - meet at least quarterly
35. Paid secretariat staff
Yes - full-time
36. Means of communication
  • 2. social media
  • 3. newsletter
  • 4. website
  • 5. publications
  • 6. annual report
37. Number of newsletters
38. When was the last annual report sent to members?
10 Apr 2017
39. VOPE Institutional Capacity Toolkit
1. No (at least not yet)

VOPE Activities and Affiliations

40. Purpose and mission
Improve the impact and quality or the actions of international solidarity and decentralized cooperation via evaluative approaches.
41. Recent Activities
Journées du réseau F3E le 4 et 5 mai 2017
Presentation at the 2nd FIFE by RFE in Marrakech
Publication of a kit on capitalisation for training leaders
Publication of a online toolbox to monitor and evaluate change
Accompany 15+ member studies (evaluation, monitoring, plannification, impact, capitalisation, etc.) annually
5+ workshops and trainings on evaluative approaches annually
42. Standards / guidelines
3. Yes
43. If so, where are they accessible?
44. Methods for strenghening skills of members
  • 1. organizing workshops led by local experts
  • 5. other

VOPE Affiliations

45. VOPE membership in regional or international network
46. Network name(s)
Barefoot Guide Alliance
47. 47.Has your VOPE participated in a P2P or Innovation Challenge grant-supported project?
1. No

Evaluation Advocacy

50. Has your VOPE influenced government policies & systems?
Yes, but in a modest way
51. Does your government have a National Evaluation Policy?
Yes - one over-all policy
52. Has your VOPE partnered with Parliamentarians?
  • No (at least not yet).
53. Have you used the EvalPartners Advocacy Toolkit?
  • No, at least not yet.


54. Has your VOPE made a commitment to address elements of the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020?
  • No