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Welcome to the VOPE registration site. This area is for VOPE leaders and representatives who wish to add their VOPE profiles to the IOCE website. 
Please read the instructions under Process below.  Then begin your registration process by selecting your desired membership level for the VOPE you represent and then click "Next." If you want to initially register as a Regular Member you can always upgrade to Contributing Member later through your VOPE profile.
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If you represent a VOPE, whether or not your VOPE responded to the IOCE questionnaire in the past, and your previous response was uploaded to the website, you are invited to re-register your VOPE using this updated questionnaire format. 

The responses to the questions in this Basic Profile Information survey are asked for in this new IOCE VOPE Registration Form on this website.

Note that it begins (above) by asking whether you want your VOPE to be recognized as an Ordinary Member of IOCE, or a Full (Contributing) Member of IOCE.  Contributing members not only support the work of IOCE but also get more privileges, including qualification to participe in the P2P and other grant-making programs, eligibility for being invited to the Global Evaluation Forum, etc..  Even if you initially register as an Ordinary Member VOPE, you have the option of upgrading at any time by editing your profile on this website.

Once your regional VOPE and IOCE recognize and verify your submission, your organization (VOPE) will be accepted as either a Regular Member or Contributing Member of IOCE..

It will be up to you to keep the information about your VOPE up-to-date if there are any changes. Your VOPE's profile will then be visible to others visiting the IOCE website. 

The full version of the IOCE VOPE questionnaire is available.  There are two parts to the questionnaire: Part I asks a series of basic profile questions that will be searchable on this website.  Part II, which is basically the same as in the past, asks more detailed questions about the plans and experiences of your VOPE. Initially you may find it helpful to first enter your responses within the Word document, and then, once you are ready, you can come back to this website and enter basic profile information about your VOPE here.

Note: you may find the list of questions useful for conducting an annual self-assessment of the current capacities of your VOPE.